Campus map for the University of Westminster

Client: The University of Westminster | November 2016 | Digital rendering
I was commissioned by my alma mater, the University of Westminster, to produce a map of London showing the locations of their four campuses: Regent, Cavendish, Marylebone and Harrow for use online and printed promotional materials.

The map highlights the locations of the campuses in relation to the wider central London area and the locations of other famous landmarks, represented by simple icons.

Alternative version of the map, which also highlights 'specialist' areas of industry and business in pink.

Detail of the inset box at the top left of the design, showing the location of the further-flung Harrow campus to the north-west of central London.

Detail of the area around Marylebone and Regent Street where the three central London campuses (as well as associated schools and offices) are located.

Detail of the area around the City of London or "square mile".

Detail of the area around the west end and Westminster.