The Planner June 2020 cover illustration

Client: Redactive Publishing | May 2020 | Adobe Illustrator
I was commissioned to create this coronavirus-themed cover and lead article illustration for the digital-only June 2020 issue of The Planner, the official magazine of the Royal Town and Planning Institute in the UK. The brief required the illustration to depict an imaginary town landscape in the style of Google Maps, with a central circular detail resembling the shape of a coronavirus within which the main cover line would fit.

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A digital mock-up of the magazine cover artwork.

A digital mockup of the lead article double page spread with the repeated illustration.

Left: my original concept sketch. Right: artwork development in colour, drawn in Adobe Illustrator. Note the removal of detail above the central circle to allow space for the masthead.

The completed original artwork with added building and landscape detail.

The full front page design incorporating the illustration. The map labels and pins were added by the client.

Details of the original artwork. The colour scheme is loosely based on that of Google Maps.