Map for Stefan Hertman's "The Convert"

Client: Penguin Random House | April 2019 | Adobe Illustrator
Publishers Penguin Random House commissioned me to design this fold-out map of Europe for the inside cover of the new novel "The Convert" by Stefan Hertmans, the fictional tale of a medieval noblewoman's escape from France with her lover across Europe and to Egypt. The map show's the character's route beginning at Rouen, passing through Provence, Navarre in Spain, Genoa, Sicily and finally across the Mediterranean Sea into Egypt. Key locations mentioned in the text are highlighted, along with several other important cities of the period.

Detail of the first part of the journey between France and Italy

This inset map at the top right of the page shows the journey through France in more detail

Detail of the second part of the journey between Italy and Egypt

Detail of the compass rose

The book's cover design

The map as it appears on the inside cover. The map's colour scheme and typography were chosen the match the cover design.