Visitor map for RHS Bridgewater

Client: Royal Horticultural Society | January 2020-present | Adobe Illustrator
The Royal Horticultural Society commissioned me to create the visitor map artwork and information material for their new garden, Bridgewater in Worsley near Manchester, which opened to the public in the spring of 2021. Developed on the site of the former Worsley New Hall estate, the garden features a large walled kitchen garden, a visitor centre, themed landscape gardens, woodland trails and an ornamental lake. Part of the site is still in development, and the map will be updated in the future when new features are completed.

Click the images to enlarge.

The full original map artwork, drawn entirely using Adobe Illustrator.

The annotated version of the map, with text, route paths and symbols added. This version appears in printed form as a brochure, and also on display at the site on lecterns. The yellow dotted line denotes the section to the north which is still currently under development and is due to open in 2022.

Detail of the Garden Cottage and surrounding Orchard Garden, which includes apple, pear and cherry trees.

Close-up detail of the restored Garden Cottage with its distinctive turret, and one of the few large buildings to survive from the original estate.

Detail of the Old Frameyard and the Weston Walled Garden, which is divided into two sections.

Close-up detail of the Old Frameyard and trials area, potting sheds and plant house.

Another detail of the walled garden and the adjoining community gardens.

Close-up detail of the walled garden.

A detail of the Welcome Building, which serves as a visitor centre, shop and restaurant.

Detail of the ornamental lake, the eastern half of which is still under development.

Detail of the pig pen, play and picnic areas.