Endpaper Map of Kyiv for A. D. Miller's "Independence Square"

Client: Penguin Random House | June-October 2019 | Adobe Illustrator
I was commissioned by the publishers Penguin Random House to create this endpaper map of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv for the novel "Independence Square" by A. D. Miller (published in February 2020 by their imprint Harvill Secker), a thriller partly set during the events of the Orange Revolution in 2004. The map aides readers' understanding of the city's layout by displaying locations mentioned in the narrative and where important plot details take place.

The full map; the spelling 'Kiev' (instead of Kyiv) in the title was in line with the name of the city as it was written in the book's text. The map's overall design and colour scheme were inspired by the book's jacket sleeve design and the wintry, tense atmosphere of the story.

Jacket sleeve design by Dan Mogford.

The map as it appears in the endpapers of the hardback edition.

Labels for the titular Independence Square (or Maidan, which was the focus of anti-government demonstrations) and other important buildings mentioned in the story such as the British Embassy and St. Sophia's Cathedral, are set in bold.

Other important landmarks and streets that aren't mentioned in the story, such as the Dynamo Stadium, are labelled in a lighter font weight.