Map of Mexico City for James Oseland's World Food series

Client: James Oseland | January-May 2020 | Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Earlier in 2020 I was commissioned by the American food writer and TV presenter James Oseland to create a map for his new book World Food: Mexico City (Ten Speed Press, ISBN 9780399579851), the first in his new series of books that focus on cuisine and food culture in different cities around the world.

The brief was to create a design in an antique, hand-drawn style, clearly showing the locations of various places mentioned in the book along with other notable landmarks. The map was drawn in Illustrator with the landscape relief effect created in Photoshop.

The whole map, showing a broad extent of the city and its immediate suburbs roughly 25 miles across.

Detail of the historic city centre. Major colonias (neighbourhoods) are labelled in black along with the names and boundaries of the demarcaciones territoriales (municipalities) in red.

A combination of the inner glow, sponge and texturizer effects in Illustrator helped create the hand-painted look of the colour fills that the client requested.

The mountain relief was drawn freehand in Photoshop and enhanced using the bevel and emboss effect combined with a drop shadow.

A detail of the inset map showing Mexico City and the nearby Popocatépetl volcano in the context of the rest of the country and the neighbouring United States.

The book is now available to purchase from all good book shops and direct from Penguin Random House.