Atlas of Imagined Places

🏆 WINNER of the Illustrated Travel Book of the Year category, Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards 2022
⭐️ HIGHLY COMMENDED, British Cartographic Society Awards 2022

Client: Batsford Books | January 2020-March 2021 | Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
The Atlas of Imagined Places: From Liliput to Gotham City (Batsford, 2021), researched and written by Matt Brown and Rhys B. Davies, compiles thousands of fictional and imaginary locations set in the real world from film, television, literature, myths, comics, computer games and many other historical and modern sources. I was commissioned to create a series of eighteen detailed maps in an antique style to plot the locations of all these fictional places, each focussing on a different part of the world in the manner of an atlas.

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