Visitor maps for the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival

Client: The Goodwood Estate/Northstar Publishing | June 2015 | Adobe Illustrator
In 2015 I was was commissioned to design the official event maps for two motorsport festivals taking place at Goodwood House in Sussex, UK: the Festival of Speed (25th-28th June) and the Revival (11th-13th September). I was required to produce two maps for each event: one in axonometric 3D, which focusses on the exhibition area (main grandstands, paddocks, aircraft hangars, marquees, catering tents, big screens and other temporary structures), and another in 2D, covering the whole event area. The maps were reproduced in printed material, on the Goodwood website and on display boards at the event.

Festival of Speed: Overview of the three-dimensionsal map, drawn isometrically. I also designed the pictoral symbols (catering, toilets, first aid, information symbols etc); text labels were added by the client.

Festival of Speed: Detail of Goodwood House, pavilions and grandstands

Festival of Speed: Detail of the exhibitors' pavilions and cricket pitch

Festival of Speed: Detail of the circuit startline, Motorshow and Aircraft show

Festival of Speed: Detail of the Stable Block, Brooklands Paddock and Supercar Paddock

Festival of Speed: Detail of the F1 Paddock, GP Club and Motorcycle Paddock

Festival of Speed: Two-dimensional version of the map, showing a broader area extending northward to the racecourse.

Festival of Speed: Photo of the two maps on display at the event (photo: Northstar Publishing)

Revival: An overview of the whole isometric map (cropped slightly). The race circuit cuts through diagonally from bottom left to top right; the paddocks are depicted on the left hand side with the airfield at the centre of the circuit beyond, and the complex of marquees, exhibitors' tents, and fairgrounds known as 'Over The Road' is on the right.

Revival: Detail of the pit lane, paddocks and the startline grid. The main grandstands have green roofs. The slightly grainy texture of the background colours was requested by the client to give the design a suitably 'vintage' feel.

Revival: Detail of the paddocks behind the pit lane and the aircraft hangars, with vintage aircraft on display. Goodwood's airfield and landing strips are just off map to the left.

Revival: Further detail of paddocks and hangars within the race circuit area.

Revival: Detail of the north end of the main event area, showing permanent buildings and houses that are part of the Goodwood estate and the temporary fairground rides.

Revival: Detail of the 'Over The Road' section. A public road cuts through the middle, with the main entrance to the site on the left and a temporary linking footbridge at the centre; the main fairground complex is on the right.