Maps of Embassy Gardens, London for Ballymore

Client: Ballymore | December 2020-April 2021 | Adobe Illustrator
I was commissioned by the property development group Ballymore to create a series of illustrated axonometric maps of Embassy Gardens, their residential project currently under construction in Nine Elms, London; located adjacent to the new United States Embassy Building, it is notable for its rooftop swimming pool suspended ten storeys above the ground between two blocks, the first of its kind in Britain.

The project involved detailed maps of the site itself, a map of its location in relation to the rest of London, and maps of the surrounding neighbourhood showing locations of amenities (such as bars, restaurants and shops) and places of interest. The maps were reproduced in a promotional book designed by Jaques Vanzo.

The primary axonometric site map, showing all the blocks in the development surrounding the US Embassy at the centre and featuring cutaway diagrams of two key blocks within the complex.

Detail of the Ambassador Building cutaway diagram, showing the main entrance foyer and the gym, pool and other facilities on the upper levels.

Detail of the Legacy Building cutaway diagram, showing the access to the main entrance foyer of this block with the restaurant and gym on the upper levels, and the famous Sky Pool on the roof level.

Detail of the Legacy Building on the main map. While the architectural detail on the blocks themselves is kept very simple, it was very important to show the access to and spaces between each block.

Detail of the US Embassy building at the centre of the development, designed by the architecture firm KieranTimberlake and completed in 2017.

A second version of the main development map, showing the locations of key commercial and retail units.

A map showing the transport connections between the development and the Nine Elms area and the rest of central London, featuring several major landmarks and the course of the new Northern Line Extension between Kennington and Battersea Power Station, due to open in 2021.

Detail of Embassy Gardens and the Nine Elms area from the transport connections map. Another key feature of this map is the Linear Park, which runs right through the centre of the development and links it with other developments in the area.

Detail of the central London area from the transport connections map, including illustrations of several key landmarks.

The third map in the project, of which there are several versions; the purpose of this is to show locations of amenities and places of interest in the immediate surrounding area and across the river. This version highlights local parks, gardens and outdoor activities.

Detail of the outdoor activities in nearby Battersea Park, represented by icons.

A second version of the map, showing the locations of nearby restaurants, bars and cafés.

Detail from the local bars and restaurants map, showing the method used to highlight the Embassy Gardens site and its distance from nearby places of interest. The development itself is placed within a magnified 'bubble', which serves to add prominence to the development on the map while also providing extra space for amenity icons located close to or within it; it also fits neatly at the centre of the circular shapes that denote walking distances, shown in increments of five minutes.

Another version of the map, showing the locations of nearby art galleries and cultural venues as well as outdoor artworks and sculptures.

Detail of the arts and culture map, showing the locations of venues and outdoor art in and around Battersea Park and Battersea Power Station.