Visitor map for the Radio Times Festival

Client: Radio Times | August 2015 | Digital rendering
The UK magazine Radio Times commissioned me to design their visitor map for the their inaugural festival celebrating TV, radio, books and film at Hampton Court Green, London, in September 2015. They requested a colourful, lively map that clearly displayed the locations of all the venues, event locations and refreshments and facilities.

The colour scheme is based on the colourful example set by the festival logo - lots of bright blues, greens, reds, yellows and other colours.

In order to create a dynamic, lively feel, the client requested the map to be populated with figures of visitors milling around the festival venues.

Each marquee or tent's flag label is colour coded to denote a different type of event or facility - for example, red for main exhibitors, green for retail, pink for event spaces, and so on.

The client also requested clear symbols to represent the various food, drink and facilities available.

This design marks a departure from my usual style of map design, in that it eschews the use of outlines for each colour shape. For this I allowed the strong colours to define each shape and surface on their own.