'Heaven or Hell?' magazine cover illustration

Client: The Lawyer Magazine | October 2013 | Digital rendering
Cover illustration commissioned for the Autumn 2013 edition of The Lawyer's sister publication Lawyer2b.

The full cover illustration design, for a lead article. The brief stipulated that the image should be divided clean down the middle between the two scenes: both futuristic, one utopian, the other dystopian. All characters (with the exception of Segway guy) and the fictitious law firms featured were suggested by the client.

Detail of the 'Utopian' future: slick lawyer types, one riding a Segway and another wearing Google glasses, emerge from the entrance of Spiffing & Co.

A lawyer and a barrister ride around on their respective fancy future machines.

Detail of the 'Dystopian' future: a Judge Dredd-alike checks out a seedy law firm as a homeless lawyer sits on the pavement in the foreground.

Detail of the Old Bailey dome in the centre background.