Acts of Charity: townscape and street party scenes

Client: Charities Aid Foundation | July-August 2014 | Digital renderings
Charities Aid Foundation commissioned me to produce a pair of illustrations for use at their stalls at the three main UK political party conferences in September 2014. The first, an isometric bird's eye view of a busy imaginary street, was used as a touch-screen puzzle on an iPad for delegates to participate in - the object being to spot all the charity tins hidden in the image. The second was a ground-level perspective view of a traditional street party, featuring mild caricatures of several British political figures, which served as a backdrop for their display stands.

This street scene has 20 charity tins hidden in it, which delegates participating in the touch-screen game were encouraged to find. Also shown are various examples of charitable establishments, activities and figures.

Detail of a homeless shelter and a mobile food bank.

Detail of the shopping street, with charity shops, a citizen's advice bureau, charity volunteers approaching pedestrians and someone helping an old woman cross the street.

Detail of a charity fun run underway in a park. The cross and poppy wreath represents organisations such as the Royal British Legion.

Detail of the top right section of the image, which is intended as a continuation from this image into the second image (below) which features politicians at street party. Here I included several 'Thick Of It'-style government aide characters milling about with their mobile phones.

The second image, a street party scene featuring various caricatures of politicians, used as a stand backdrop mural. This was printed roughly 4 x 2 metres in size.

Detail of the street party scene with some familiar faces.